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the mAy team at  Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace

Another year of change with some strong development and new exciting strands while elsewhere there has been slightly less work or major reorganisation. January was something of a challenge starting the process of clearing a backlog of paperwork (still a work in progress) and reassessing much of what I was doing but as you will see there is still plenty happening.  Read on a please visit the new and improved web site for more information.

The mAy team became much more active. Here we are at Countryfile Live and for May Day and a Regency Garden Party we were at The Swiss Garden.  We will be back at all of them in 2017 and have been contacted about events in Brighton & Coventry

It has also been a bumper year for sales of Maypole Books, Maypoles and Training Sessions from Eastbourne to Eccles.  Plenty more for 2017.

Click here for the mAy team  web site

Click here for Mikes Maypole Site

Once again, I was active at the Farmland Museum.  Here I am at their Apples, Pumpkins and Spooks day. This year we added my Songs of World War One show on their Open Day which got a brilliant response.  This talk was presented 3 other times and I also did a couple of my Christmas talk and 4 variations on the History of Country Dancing talks.

I have still been doing plenty of Barn Dances, Old Folks Homes, Theme events and Brownie packs although Quicksilver has had less work this year.

Allcock & Brown also had a quiet year but still got to Hull & Reigate and have plans for a more active 2017 starting with The 2nd Gala Concert in St Albans on January 31st (see below)

Mike Ruff

The Wife of the Soldier & Other Tales is a compilation of some of the best tracks I did on albums years ago, which few people remembered and adds to other CDs and Books in my “shop”.

The next project, Dancing Through History is progressing slowly but well and we hope to Crowd Fund it early next year.

It has its own web site CLICK HERE

I have been appearing at some local folk clubs and run dance sessions at dance clubs and at Slough Creative Academy for dance degree students although sadly the Cambridge workshop series had to be cancelled as our hosts did not have the resources available.

On a personal note, I managed to give myself a wonderful holiday in Mallaig and there were two big family gatherings in York & Harrogate.  I have also had rather more of a social life than in some years and got to see a few shows in St Albans and London.  My health continues its overall improvement albeit with a few set backs.

The other major change is that I have invested in new technology and now have a wonderful part time admin assistant.  All in all, I am facing 2017 in a much more relaxed frame of mind than for many years past

Mallaig harbour

Mallaig Harbour

Mike’s Christmas News 2016

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