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Mike offers a wide variety of workshops for festivals

This list is just a selection of the most popular

    Maypole for adults/experienced dancers

    Maypole Training Sessions

    Barn Dance Basics

    More Barn Dance Technique

    Dance around Europe

    Tudor Dancing – an introduction

    Dances from the Regency period, Jane Austen & Trafalgar

    Victorian Country Dances

    Medieval Dances

As well as Morris, Longsword and Mumming - if there are no sides available to do this.

All of the workshops come with background information and illustrations and Mike can use recorded music (shock, horror but it can be more authentic!) or work with live musicians if they are available

Of course as a musician himself playing accordion & recorders he can provide music for any of the above plus American & European Dance Traditions, clog dancing etc.

Festival fun - Mike Ruff teaching and playing Mike Ruff leads a festival workshop