Nautical Repertoire

Beside the Seaside

All the Nice Girls

10,000 miles away

Fiddlers Green

Drunken Sailor

My Bonny Lies over the Ocean

Spanish Ladies

Blow the Man Down

Leaving of Liverpool

Rule Britannia

The Arethusa


Blood Red Roses

Hanging Johnny

Boney was a Warrior

Roll the Old Chariot Along

Farewell Shanty

Way haul Away

Shallow Brown

South Australia

Sally Free & Easy


Captain Pugwash

Sailors Hornpipe

Pleasant & Delightful

Blow the Wind Southerly

Over the Sea to Sky

Dingle Regatta

New Rigged Ship

Lady in the Boat


Keel Row

Henry Martin

List for a Sailor

Life on the Ocean Wave

Sleepy Lagoon

La Mer

Tom Bowling

Hearts of Oak

Sammy’s Bar

New York Girls


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