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BRILLIANT Barn Dances.........and so much more
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Solo Albums

Almost a Gentleman                        Deleted*

Accordion to Taste                         Deleted*


Smoke in the Valley,  with Helen Akitt   1996

Daylight Gate,  Daylight Gate          Deleted*



Message Tape Deleted                    Deleted

The First Barn Dance **

The First Barn Dance, cont'd ** Quicksilver Demo – 6 tracks  

The Quicksilver Collection                2006



European Festivals by Jean Gilbert  

Cambridge University Press 1997

ISBN 0--19--321286  

 * some of the best tracks on these albums have been re-mastered and appear on the Wife of the Soldier CD

** It is hoped to remix these cassette albums as a CD for re-release with the companion booklet  

The Maypole Manual

Full colour pictures and diagrams of 19 dances with 14 track CD.

Also includes information on the origins and history of Maypole Dancing, Inclusion and links to the wider curriculum, sheet music and much more.

Book & cd £30 + p&p

Order Here

Allcock & Brown — Almost Gentlemen.

 Souvenir CD with 6 favourite songs to sing along.  

Just £5 (+p&p)  that’s £1/track and one free!

Order Here

Allcock & Brown cd Maypole Manual  by Mike Ruff


Recordings and publications

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Songs for the Farmland Museum

Traditional and contemporary songs of farming and the countryside.

A selection of songs reflecting aspects of the Farmland Museum’s collections and celebrate the site’s farming heritage.

£10 + p&p

Order Here

Songs for The Farmland Museum   Mike Ruff

Morris! Hey!

An Introduction to Morris Dancing

By Mike Ruff & The Morris Hey Set

2 DVDs, CD and booklet

6 Morris Dances in different styles


See the Morris! Hey!  Site for more information

£40 + p&p

Now £20 + p&p

Order Here

“An excellent introduction to morris dance for young people…should be a part of every schools dance resources”   

EFDSS English Dance & Song

Nuts, Rags & Old Iron Bedsteads,  Allcock & Brown

Nuts, Rags & Old Iron Bedsteads

full length cd from

Allcock & Brown

£10 + p&p

Order Here

Bag o Peas cd

Bag o’Peas

Long awaited recording in Minstrel Mode with stunning singing from Tamsyn Rose-Steel and a couple of awesome lute accompaniments from Chris Goodwin.  


  Order Here £10 £5 inc p&p

Listen to the track “Mirie it is”  from the cd

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Morris Hey cover

Maypole Madness  CD

Quicksilver has produced their own version of the music for the Maypole  Manual

£10 £5 + p&p

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Quicksilver Maypole Madness  with Mike Ruff

The Wife of a Solider & Other Tales

Mikes retrospective CD “The Wife of the Soldier and other tales”

cd  £10 £5+ p&p

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The Wife of a Solider & Other Tales   Mike Ruff Quicksliver Barn Dance Book   by Mike Ruff

The Quicksilver Barn Dance Book

Seven "Quick and Easy" Dances suitable for young children, inexperienced dancers and teachers.

There are four more to take you to the next stage and a bonus three Tudor dances for some instant history.

This can be used with the Maypole Madness CD

£10 + p&p

Order Here

Special offer


Now half price

Now half price


Morris Hey Pack

(2 DVDS, CD & book)


Maypole Manual

(book & CD)


Quicksilver Barn Dance Book

All for £50

+ p&p

Now half price