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Video and Audio

the mAy team first appeared in 2015 and shows at the Swiss Garden (May 1st) and Blenheim Palace (August 4th–7th) 2016   and again Countryfile Live! 2017 and 2018  at Blenheim Palace.  In 2019 they were at both Blenheim Palace  and Castle Howard. This year they returned to Spring Live! and have had a LIVE REHEARSAL to introduce themselves at COAM. Visit the teams web site - Click here

A new partnership for 2021 - Click here

the mAy team is the result of all those years of teaching and training; made up of full time dancers, teachers & musicians with a wealth of knowledge of the living tradition.  For some shows they are joined by members of Pump House Clog Morris from Watford.

Typically the mAy team will do a short performance and then invite members of the audience to try their hand with full instruction.  

They can put on a longer show adding morris and clog dancing, music and song to create a full package of traditional entertainment.  These showcase  performances, without interaction, have been the basis of our Covid secure events this year at Spring Live and COAM.

Prices start from around £900

 the mAy team  in action on May Day 2016

 the mAy team  at Countryfile Live!

 the mAy team  at Countryfile Live!

Castle Howard 2019

 the mAy team  at Countryfile Live!  with Anita Rani

The may team at blenheim team at Castle Howard May Day 2106