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GREAT Live Music, BRILLIANT Barn Dances...................when they are allowed

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Video and Audio

Roll out the Barrel

Somewhere over the Rainbow/

You are my sunshine

Maybe it’s because

Lambeth Walk

Leapfrog/ General Shute/ Never Mind

American Patrol

Don’t Dilly Dally

Run, Rabbit, Run

White Cliffs of Dover

Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Lilli Marlene

Quartermaster’s Stores


They’ll always be an England

Bless them all

Hey Little Hen

Drunken Sailor Set

Beside the Seaside

Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire

Pack up your troubles/

Long way to Tipperary

When this Lousy war is over


Nightingale sang in Berkley Square

We’ll meet again/

Bull & Bush

Battle of the Somme


Tavern in the Town

Blow the Wind Southerly

Cambourne Hill

I belong to Glasgow

Land of Hope and Glory

Dam Busters/ Magnificent Men

VE Day

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