Community Maypole Workshops & Parties

A speciality afternoon or evening event for a dance group, or just a group of friends who want to have a go, is equally possible.

Mike is available at very favourable rates. All you need is 8 or more people willing to dance, works well with children’s groups and even better with adults. Sessions are usually 2 hours with a break.

If you want the Maypole Dancing to be part of a party then whatever you want, within reason! This is not quite the same as workshop because the party is the thing. Have two or three 20 minute sessions, everyone gets a chance to join in and Mike will judge the level of dances to suit those who do.

Maypole evenings for Brownies, Cubs, Guides are very successful and, if linked to other activities can lead to dancer or entertainer badges.

Socially distanced maypole 2020

Socially distanced maypole 2020