Maypole for indoor or outdoor use

Buy your Maypole, spare ribbons or crown and teaching resources

The Maypole Manual

Full colour pictures and diagrams of 19 dances with 14 track album. Second edition now available in traditional and electronic formats.

Also includes information on the origins and history of Maypole Dancing, Inclusion and links to the wider curriculum, sheet music and much more.

Prices from £12

Morris! Hey!

An Introduction to Morris Dancing by Mike Ruff & The Morris Hey Set. Six Morris Dances in different styles. See the Morris! Hey! page for more information.

“An excellent introduction to morris dance for young people…should be a part of every schools dance resources” EFDSS English Dance & Song

2 DVDs, CD and booklet £40 £20 + p&p

The Quicksilver Barn Dance Book

Seven “Quick and Easy” Dances suitable for young children, inexperienced dancers and teachers. There are four more to take you to the next stage and a bonus three Tudor dances for some instant history.

This can be used with the Maypole Madness CD

£10 + p&p

Maypole Madness CD

Quicksilver has produced their own version of the music for the Maypole Manual

£10 £5 + p&p


The Wife of a Solider & Other Tales

Mikes retrospective CD “The Wife of the Soldier and other tales”

CD £10 £5+ p&p


Songs for the Farmland Museum

Traditional and contemporary songs of farming and the countryside. A selection of songs reflecting aspects of the Farmland Museum’s collections and celebrate the site’s farming heritage.

£10 + p&p


Nuts, Rags & Old Iron Bedsteads

full length CD from Allcock & Brown

£10 + p&p


Allcock & Brown — Almost Gentlemen.

Souvenir CD with 6 favourite songs to sing along.

Just £5 (+p&p) that’s £1/track and one free!


Bag o’Peas

Mike in Minstrel Mode with singing from Tamsyn Rose-Steel and several lute accompaniments from Chris Goodwin.

Order Here £10 + p&p


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