Brownies, Guides & Scouts

Dance and Heritage Events with a difference for Brownies (and Cubs, Scouts, Guides, youth groups etc.)

Want an evening with a difference for your unit or group?

Mike can offer:

  • Maypole Dancing
    • Indoors or out depending on space and weather
    • Suitable for all age groups
    • Mike has written the book!
  • English Barn Dancing
    • So much variety & fun
    • Links to history and literature
    • Wet weather option to outdoor Maypole if the hall is too small
  • Scottish Country Dancing
    • St Andrew’s Night (30th November)
    • Burns Night with additional poetry and optional haggis
  • Morris Dancing
    • With Sticks and Hankies
    • Extended teaching option available for older groups
  • Tudor Dancing
    • Fun dances from the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth 1
    • Costume Illustrations
    • Authentic instruments
    • Silly Songs
  • Other Historical Periods Available

Nearly 20 years’ experience with local Brownies and Cubs groups, Maypole being a particular favourite.

Dancer Badge: You can use 2 or 3 of the options above to prepare for and achieve their badge.

Brownie Revels, a father and daughter event in Surrey, a fundraising barn dance for a Brownie and Guide district and producing a Berkshire-based repertoire for a group of Venture Scouts in Maidenhead, to take on a trip to Africa, are all other linked events from Mike’s backstory.

Prices start from £80 but are always negotiable.
Based in St Albans and willing to travel.
Mileage costs added if more than 10 miles each way.