Video and Audio

This section now has 3 online mini concerts, a Mummers Play and a short audio presentation for COAM about the mAy teams appearance there.

There are also videos of Quicksilver and links to a whole range of recorded tracks from Mike’s varied career.

Enjoy and feel free to join in!

Enjoy the concert as whole or each song separately.

If you want to get them in full screen mode then click on the YouTube button or go to Facebook.

I am planning to put some more of these together with different themes so let me know if you have any requests or comments. These days online dialogue is about as good as it gets.

Short Gig No 3 Sea Shanties
Another Mini Gig
The sequence is:
Blood Red Roses
Blow the Man Down
Hanging Johnny – about the last hangman
Cornish Farewell Shanty

Quicksilver – Mike takes over the calling

Burns night celilidh

Peas Beans Oats & Barley by Mike Ruff:

Black Against the Snow by Mike Ruff:

The Minstrel by Mike Ruff:

Mirie it is by Mike Ruff & Tamsyn Rose-Steel:

Quicksilver play Circassian Circle by Quicksilver:

Mike plays Kitty’s City by Mike Ruff:

Autumn Leaves by Quicksilver:


Click here to listen to a brief medley of some Allcock & Brown songs

maypole dancing at Chiltern Open Air Museum

Listen to an audio presentation by Jonathan Kempster from Mike and the mAy team at the Chiltern Open Air Museum

One of the first public events held at the museum following the easing of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, 23rd May 2021:







CLICK HERE to watch the performance

Short Gig No 1 Old Favourites

I was asked for a mini gig. I chose some old favourites and here they are: The sequence is: Beside the Seaside A Long Way to Tipperary With ‘er ‘ead Tucked Underneath ‘er Arm Daisy Daisy

Short Gig No 2 Christmas

A few of my favourite and less common carols put together for an Early Dance Zoom Party because I haven’t got the space or partner to offer a dance. Maybe more by request for next year.