Teaching and Training

Teacher involvement is effective, easy & enjoyable.

Suitable for teachers of KS1 / KS2 / KS3 / KS4 & community group leaders

After School Inset Session

1½ hours from £150 + travel

Inset Day or Part Day

from £200 + travel

Add other traditional dances such as Country, Tudor or Medieval.

Buying a Maypole and an After School Session cost less than 2 full days teaching, PTA’s can pay for the pole and there is an instant tradition

Maybe only a few teachers want to get involved in which case come to one of the Training Days (or even host one). Watch this space for next year’s events.

These are full or part day sessions in partnership with host organisations are not only the cheapest solution for individual teachers and practitioners but offer the chance to network with other like minded people.

These are open to all and advertised locally and on various web sites. Each one is different but Mike now has a template for what is needed which offers plenty of scope for variation.

Teaching the children is, of course, still possible. Sometimes it is a full day with one group or preparing new material for a show. It can also be getting everyone started or just giving everyone a go

For some of these Mike is likely to refer you to some of his colleagues who may live more locally.