“We will miss you Mike, as you were very accommodating last year adding a great lightness to the occasion through your good humour. Nothing too much trouble and your accordion was heavy!”

Hughenden Gardens Village Country Dance Workshop – Feedback from the attendees

“Excellent, inspiring, energetic, marvellous. Please come again.”

“Longer sessions for different types of dancing.”

“24 people 1st half – 22 people 2nd half – M and T left. Clear personable speaker (needs new HDMI link) Comprehensive range Interesting historical chronology.”

“I assumed it was Morris dancing, which I can do.”

“Very interesting, enjoyable.”

“Wonderful, more of this please.”

“Interesting and well balanced.”

“It was very informative and funny.”

“I enjoyed a pleasant afternoon.”

“Quite nice might come again.”

“Good engaging speaker. There might have been more people if the structure of the talk was publicised. Some people thought there would be more dancing, history very interesting.”

“Interesting good documentation.”

“Good talk, and loved the dancing Thanks.”

“Good talk and interesting.”

“A very informative amusing history of country/folk dancing through the ages.”

“Very interesting talk and demo. Such a shame there weren’t more people.”

“Made a nice change and interesting afternoon.”

“Not my thing.”

“An interesting afternoon, lots of history with great demonstration by residents. We would like more afternoon talks etc. Public liability insurance seems to be a issue for lots of speakers.”
“Would like to be Mike Ruff – ever more for his audience.”

“Good lecturer, can hear easily. Great fun.”

“Very interesting.”

“So interesting and informative. He knows his stuff! If he does other talks then book him again ( maybe Morris talk) bit of fun and dancing too.”